About Me


I was first captivated by photography in high school when I borrowed my Dad's  manual SLR Nikon camera for photo class. There was something about being in a darkroom, shutting out the entire world, and meticulously developing strips of film and burning and dodging prints by hand which stuck with me. Since then, I have adapted to the digital age with a Nikon DSLR camera. Growing up in New Mexico, I had the opportunity to practice with some of the world's best natural light and enjoyed wandering around old cemeteries in the small towns. Today, I live in Denver, Colorado with my husband and our two furry children and routinely lug my camera equipment up into the mountains. The call to adventure is what motivates me to continue exploring this beautiful world.           

When I'm not taking pictures, I enjoy writing creative fiction, hiking, movies, reading, traveling to new places and daydreaming to all sorts of music.